Rules & Safety

Bubble Soccer

1. Players

A match is played by 2 teams consisting of up to 8 players on each team.

2. Equipment

Each player must be in a bubble prior to stepping onto the playing field, the bubble shall be fully inflated, players must place shoulder straps over shoulders and keep hold of handles to ensure they are secured tightly inside the bubble.
Players must not wear studded footwear or soccer cleats, runners or turf shoes must be worn.

Games will be played using a standard soccer ball.

Playing field size will be modified depending on number of players.

3. Game Play

The game will last approximately 30 minutes consisting of 3 periods of 7 minutes with 3 minutes break in between each period.
The game will start with the soccer ball placed on the centre line with all players standing on their goal line. The referee’s whistle will start the game.

When a goal is scored the game is restarted as mentioned above.

When the ball goes over a sideline, a kick in will ensue. When the ball goes over an end line, a corner kick or goal kick will ensue.

There is no offside rule.

Goalkeepers are not permitted.

The team scoring the most number of goals wins the match, if both teams have equal number of goals scored, the match is tied.

4. Safety

Shin and knee guards are recommended during play however are not mandatory.

The referee will blow the whistle 3 times consecutively to either signal the end of a period or the end of the match, or to stop play to respond to a safety concern. All players must stop if they hear the signal.

Players who have been knocked to the ground must be allowed to return to their feet before contact is made by the opposing team. Referees will strictly enforce this rule with penalty periods for those abusing this rule.

No jewelry or sharp objects may be worn or used during play. Glasses may be used however must be worn with an eyewear retainer.

If excessive force is used without intent to gain possession or without intent to clear the path of the ball to the goal will be penalised with a 2-minute penalty based on referee’s discretion.