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A unique and unforgettable bubble experience for all

Drop-in Games

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Bubble Soccer Drop-in
  • Organized Play
  • 8-16 Players
  • Instructor/Referee
  • All Equipment Provided
Bubble Soccer Rental
  • Up to 16 Bubbles
  • Instructor/Referee
  • Goal Posts & Net
  • Soccer Ball
  • Field Markers
  • Venue Provided
  • Additional Delivery Charge Outside Nanaimo
Bubble Games Package
  • Team Competition
  • Perfect for Birthday Parties and Corporate Team Building
  • Up to 16 Bubbles
  • All Equipment/Staff Provided
  • Games Include Bubble Soccer, King Of The Ring, General Lee, Gladiator
  • Additional Delivery Charge Outside Nanaimo


Zorb Games is based in Nanaimo, BC and provides bubble games throughout the Mid-Vancouver Island Region. We love having bubble fun and wanted to bring that opportunity to island residents.


Our Customers


That’s you! Bubble fun is for everyone! From young to old there is fun in bubble soccer for everyone! From birthday parties, corporate team building, community events, school events, festivals, fun fairs and more – we are here for you! The best part is, Zorb Games takes care of it all! We bring the equipment, you just turn up and have an awesome time!


What the Heck is Bubble Soccer Anyways?


Bubble soccer is a hilariously fun, great workout where you experience soccer in its most unique form – from inside a large inflatable bubble! Don’t worry, your head and legs are out of the zorb allowing you to get fresh air and have fast feet to avoid being zorbed! (What we like to call a friendly take down!).
Put the opposing team to the floor, score lots of goals and your team will be victorious! It is an exhilarating game that’s fun for all! Laughter is guaranteed and no soccer experience is necessary!
Please read our rules and safety to find out more.

What other games do you offer?


King of the ring


All players from both teams gather outside of a circular ring. Upon the referees blowing of the whistle all players enter the ring and the aim is to eliminate all opposing team players by evicting them out of the circle. A player is eliminated once they are bumped outside of the ring. Once eliminated players may not return to the ring. The team with the last player(s) remaining inside the ring will become the Kings!


General Lee


Two teams will face off against each other with each team selecting a General prior to start. Each team will start on opposing ends of the field and the objective of the game is to get the opposing Generals bubble to touch the floor. All other players can fall and get back up as many times as they want in order to take out the other General, while also trying to protect their own. The team that grounds the opposing General first wins! A great strategic game of offence and defense.




Two teams start on their goal lines, upon the referees blowing of the whistle players attempt to eliminate opposing team players by knocking them to the ground. Once a players bubble touches the ground they will be eliminated and may not return to the game. The team with a player or players left standing will be victorious!



Are bubble games safe?

Yes! It is. As with most sports it does carry the risk of injury, although the bubble protects you from head to knees. Our staff will explain all the safety rules prior to playing to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

Who can play bubble games?

Anyone aged 12 and over.

What do I wear?

Sports clothing. It may get warm inside the bubble so please dress accordingly. Runners must be worn, spikes and cleats are forbidden. No jewelry, glasses are not recommended but may be worn with retainer.

Does it get hot inside the bubble?

It can. If you find that it gets uncomfortable you are free to take a break and leave the bubble at any time. A member of staff will be on hand to assist you. Please bring lots of water and a towel with you.

Is the bubble heavy?

The bubble weighs 8-10lbs.

Is it hard to get in and out of a bubble?

No. Our member of staff will show you how to safely get in and out of the bubble.

Can I get up easily after a fall or will help be needed?

You can quite easily get up by yourself using your knees. If you are finding it difficult a member of staff will be there to assist you.

Is the bubble clean?

All bubbles are cleaned before and after each game.

What is the bubble made of?

TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane), which performs better than PVC, is recyclable and environmentally friendlier.

Can the referee and other players hear me while I’m inside the bubble?

Yes, there is a large opening above your head.

Do you allow CO-ED teams?

Yes. Our drop-in sessions are CO-ED. If you are renting that’s completely up to you.

How long is each game?

Drop-in sessions are played over one hour, typically three periods of seven minutes with a three minute break between each period.

Can we do this event both indoor and outdoor?

Yes, we are able to book outdoor and indoor venues, typically during the summer months we will hold drop-in sessions outdoor.

Is there a delivery charge for rentals?

It depends on your location. There is no delivery charge for Nanaimo and surrounding areas, however delivery charges will apply to venues outside of Nanaimo. Please contact us for more details.

What is the refund policy?

Cancellations made greater than 7 days in advance are issued a full refund, between 7 days and 48 hours issued a credit for a future booking for the amount paid. Please see our booking terms and conditions for further information.

What happens if it rains?

Unfortunately play must be stopped. Customers will be issued a credit for a future booking for the amount paid if rain stops play within the first 30 minutes. If play is stopped after 30 minutes, customers will be issued with a 50% discount towards one future booking.

What do I need to bring with me?

Water, towel, runners (no spikes or cleats).


"So much fun! Would highly recommend! Couldn't stop smiling and laughing the whole time. Great people who run it as well!!"
Victoria Welte
"This was SO much fun!!! At first I was scared to get hit by someone a lot bigger but it doesn't hurt and is quite hilarious! Such a great time!"
Melinda Morben
"No skills required, even when you think you have a few, they don't work when wearing a giant inflatable ball. So much fun running around, laughing and bumping into people!"
Rebecca Robichaud
"Hilarious! I have zero soccer skills but it didn't matter because you're laughing half the time. They set everything up for you and facilitate the game, which is in short periods so there are lots of breaks. I would recommend this to anyone -- so much fun!"
Nora Hudson
"Really fun! I loved it and would definitely do it again!"
Justin Orr
"I tell you this is absolutely crazy fun....if you haven't tried it you must!!"
Deanna Lowe
"I've never been a huge fan of playing soccer until I put this bubble on!! What a hilariously fun experience. My kids thought this was the coolest game ever and I have to agree! Everyone has to give it a try!"
Kim Johansen
"It is hilarious playing bubble soccer - no experience needed but it is helpful. So many laughs!! Bring lots of water!"
Catherine Ann
"We recently booked Zorb Games for our annual teen week at Nanoose Bay Camp and arranged for them to arrive on the night of our all-camp party. The Zorb Games team were very professional and arranged the games so that as many students as possible (out of 226!) could use them at our event. They were a big hit and we would definitely consider them for future events."
Rachel RichmondNanoose Bay Pentecostal Camp
"This was a ton of fun! Super funny when people get hit, would do it again in a heart beat, thanks a lot!"
Aidan Christopher

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